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Pupils will be admitted to the Reception in the September of the school year in which they are four. Any parent can request that their child's date of admission is deferred or request a part-time place until their child reaches compulsory school age, please contact the headteacher if you want more details.

The admission limit for the each academic year is 30, with the Nursery accepting 26.  The schools admissions number (PAN) is 30. The statutory admission limit for Key Stage 1 is 30. Where applications for admission in Key Stage 2 exceed 30, the Governors will review each application using the following criteria. It will be applied in the order set out below to decide which children to admit.

Admission Criteria:

  • Children in Public Care as defined by Section 22 of the Children Act 1989.
  • Recognised professional opinion showing that circumstances present a particularly strong case for taking in a child.
  • Medical reasons why the school or class is most suitable (for example, wheelchair access).
  • Where a child has a brother or sister currently attending this school. (It will not take into account children who will have already left by the time the child applying for a place starts).
  • Old Leake Primary School being the nearest school, with the distance being calculated between the post office address point of the applicant’s home to the post office address point of the school, driving on public roads.

Reasons will be given if admission is refused, reminding parents of their right to appeal and details of the appeal process will be given. The Local Authority will also be informed of the refusal, they in turn will contact parents offering advice and support in finding a place for their child.

Pupils will be admitted to the Nursery in the term following their third birthday following the same criteria as the Primary School providing that there are spaces in the Nursery class. If the Nursery is full the child will receive a place the following September.


Parents can now apply for midyear admissions online at:

Parents can request paper forms from Midyear Admissions at Lincolnshire County Council on 01522 782030, download a copy from our website or request one from the school office.


Initially, when the children start in Reception Class in September, they attend for short days. For approximately the first two weeks of school the children attend for mornings only.

During this time we advise that parents bring and collect their child from school. If your child is eligible for home to school transport they may start using the school bus from the first day of term in the mornings. However, you will need to make alternative arrangements for their collection at 1pm.

In the event of school starting mid-week, parents will be advised of the relevant dates of the phased return during the previous Summer term.

For information on admissions please visit the Lincolnshire County Council website on


If you wish to appeal a decision you should appeal online at