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Breakfast & After-school Club


All school aged children (Reception to Year 6) are invited to attend the breakfast club which is held at the school every weekday morning from 8am, with two members of our support staff supervising the breakfast arrangements. There is no need to pre-book. Payment of £1.50 per session may be made on the day to either of the supervisors, or at the school office in advance of the session being taken. Breakfast consists of cereal/toast and a drink. Children must arrive by 8.20am to be able to take advantage of breakfast.


After-school care is available at the school until 5pm.

The sessions run as follows:

Care from 3.15pm until 4.15pm: £5 per child

Care from 3.15pm until 5.00pm: £8 per child      

Children will be given a snack and drink when they arrive at club. 

Children are given an opportunity to complete homework and to access to a wide range of activities.

Please take note of the following points regarding our After School Care:

  • Please ensure that payment is made when booking, any bookings received without payment may mean bookings cannot be guaranteed.
  • Please note that in order to pay the reduced rate a 'half session' must be specified on the booking form.
  • If care is required after an extra-curricular club, regardless of whether until 4.:15pm or 5:00pm, the full fee for that session is chargeable.
  • A full refund will be given if your child is absent from school, or sent home from school early due to illness.
  • If you book a session and collect your child earlier than booked unfortunately we will not be able to give you a refund (unless you have contacted us before 1pm to advise of the change in collection time).
  • Please contact the school office if you are going to be late collecting your child.  The office is open 8:15am - 4.:45pm.  Please leave a message on the answering machine if nobody picks up as we monitor it regularly for messages.
  • Children that are collected late from a half session will be charged for the cost of a full session - £8 per child. 
  • If parents are repeatedly late then we reserve the right to refuse a place for that child in the future.
  • If booking until 5:00pm, we would be grateful if you could aim to collect your child for 4:55pm, as by the time they have collected their belongings and you have signed them out it is often 5:00pm.  If you collect your child from a full session after 5:05pm you will be charged a fee of £2, which will increase by £2 every 15 minutes.
  • Please try to avoid booking children into the After School Club on the day of the required session. It is preferable for us to receive bookings at least a week in advance to avoid exceeding statutory ratios.  However, we would always try to accommodate children in the case of an emergency.

It is Old Leake Primary School's right to refuse a place at extended provision to any child that is repeatedly collected late or if payment is not received for a session that they have attended.

We reserve the right to ban children from Breakfast Club or After School Club if their behaviour in school or in extended provision falls below acceptable standards.

If you have any queries concerning the fees charged, or experience difficulty in making payment for the use of the provision please contact Susan Rayner, the Headteacher or Clare Vidal, the Senior Administrator to discuss the matter in confidence.