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Year 3 - Class Blog

Hear all about the activities and lessons that our year 3 children have been doing each term. 

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  • Year 3 Trip to Lincoln!

    Published 27/04/22, by Sarah Skelton

    So this week we went all the way to Lincoln! The first brief sent to Miss Abbott said we would be visiting the castle but as I imagine your little people have told you our interactive day learning all about the romans was actually at The Collection!

    This was amazing as we had the whole building to ourselves. We started to day by exploring the artefacts from the Iron Age and discussing some history before the Romans. This then led us on a journey through into Roman times. It was exciting to see their mosaic floors, but obviously we loved the armour the most.

    During the day we became excavators and searched for Roman artefacts, recorded and described our findings then moved onto becoming a Roman army. We learnt how to march using Latin words ‘sin and dex’ which means left and right. Then we learnt all about their formations and how they would protect each other during battles.

    This was a very interactive and fun filled day, and I am hoping it means we have lots of enthusiasm to move onto our own learning throughout this topic.

    Miss Abbott

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  • Science Week!

    Published 16/03/22, by Sarah Skelton

    For British Science week we had a visit from EUREKA who gave use a fun filled session on experimentation. This included watching chemical reactions and then recreating them ourselves. Our favourite one was the dish soap worm!

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  • Soil Experiment!

    Published 16/03/22, by Sarah Skelton

    This week we have set up our own experiment to look at the quality of soil. This has included adding things to soil, and we shall observe these over the next few weeks to see what happens.

    Can your child tell you what we added to the soil?

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  • World Book Day - Book Fair

    Published 03/03/22, by Sarah Skelton

    Today we had a visit from Sarah at Usborne. She showed us what a range of books they sell, and we all made a wish list of books we would like. 

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  • Egyptian Mummy

    Published 11/02/22, by Sarah Skelton

    Our year 3's have been learning all about Egyptian mummies and tombs.

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  • Can we solve the mystery?

    Published 28/01/22, by Sarah Skelton

    This term year three have had several exciting parcels arrive.  We discovered that a boy was missing after touching a mysterious Scarab Beetle in a museum resulting in him being transported back to Ancient Egypt.

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