Mission Statement

Mission Statement & Aims of the School

“Success for All”

We aim for each child to develop:

· A love of learning.

· Working habits, attitudes and a set of values, which last for life.

· Strengths in the key basic skills of speech, reading, writing and numeracy.

· Tolerance, respect and understanding for others.

· The ability to make informed choices.

· Mental and physical fitness, agility and health.

We aim for all to:

· Develop their potential as a person.

· Be able to live and work as an individual and as part of a team.

· Achieve high standards.

We are committed to meet these aims by providing:

· A safe, caring community where learning thrives and pastoral needs are met.

· High quality education advanced by Information Technology.

· A broad and balanced curriculum to challenge all.

· Discipline that is firm, fair and consistent.

And by ensuring that we:

· Encourage honesty, respect and trust.

· Have high expectations.

· Stimulate the desire and motivation for all to learn.

· Value all through praise and acknowledgement of effort and success.

· Develop good relationships between children, staff, parents and governors.

· Promote the school as being at the heart of the community.

· Provide resources effectively and efficiently to benefit all.