List of SEN Contacts



List of Contacts for Families of Children with Special Educational Needs


Lincoln ADHD support group                                       Lincolnshire Parent Partnership

72a Newark Road                                                           4 Lindum Road

Lincoln                                                                              Lincoln

LN5 8PY                                                                            LN2 1NN

Phone; 01522539939                                                     Phone; 01522 553351

E-mail;                         E-mail;



Lincolnshire Autistic Society                                         Carers Connect

21 Mill Lane                                                                      Specialist Benefit Advice

Donington                                                                         23 Sixfield Close

Spalding                                                                             Lincoln 

Lincolnshire                                                                       LN6 OEJ

PE11 4TL                                                                             Phone 01522 812830

Phone; 01775 821213                                                      E-mail;



The National Autistic Society                                       Lincolnshire Parent Carer Council

393 City Road                                                                  PO Box 1183

London                                                                             Spalding

EC1V 1NG                                                                         Lincolnshire

Autism helpline; 0845 0704004                                   PE11 9EE

E-mail;                                                 Phone 0845 3311310

Website;                                              E-mail;