We expect that you will teach your child to be honest, to care for and respect other people’s feelings and to show good manners to others. We expect that you will encourage your child to always try their best and that you will help them understand that they cannot always have their own way.
We expect you to be honest, to care for yourself and others and for you to have good manners. We expect you to come to school ready to learn, refreshed from a good night’s sleep and having eaten a sensible breakfast. We expect you to understand that rules are necessary and to live by them.
You can expect us to care for your child and to teach them to the best of our abilities. We will keep you informed about their development and will involve you in their education. We will listen to your concerns and respond as soon as possible, to the best of our ability. We will treat you and your child with the same honesty, respect and good manners that we expect in return.